12 Totally Superficial Things Women Love About Men


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Ladies, sometimes you just have to own what you find attractive about men. Yes, it's great when he treats his mom well or remembers your favorite type of cookie, but there is something so good about staring at his muscles and going over every little detail. Because, yeah, he may be a really nice person, but is he hot? Women can be superficial too, it's just a lot more fun.

1. Smells Good.

Not just good, but great. The kind of smell described in teenage romance novels where he always smells like wood chips, dirt, and masculinity. And maybe a hint of lemon or mint. Of course, everyone appreciates when someone actually smells nice. But admit it, when you start liking someone, one of the first things you will point out or someone will ask you is if he smells good. And he better.

2. Rolled Up Sleeves

You know, when they have their dress shirts or flannel long sleeves and then they roll them up just above their elbows. I don't know what it is, exactly, but men become 5000% hotter when they do this and you can see the definition in their arms. They don't even have to be muscular, it's still the greatest gift for a woman to lay her eyes upon. So thank you to the men who choose to roll up their sleeves rather than wear T-shirts.

3. Stretching

That glorious moment when you can just soak it in. If men are going to look that beautiful when stretching, they have to accept the fact that women are going to stare. You can see all their muscles and it's such a vulnerable state, like an animal drinking from a waterhole. Time to pounce. Rawr.

4. Well-Dressed

Obviously, people look better when they're well-dressed, but there's an art to knowing what looks good on you. When a man knows how to look good and goes for it, it's heaven. A well-dressed man knows what he wants and he'll take it. That's power and passion all in one. And look. Rolled up sleeves. Hello handsome.

5. Their Smile

Smirking, half smiles, big smiles, smiles that shine through their eyes. SMILES. Maybe this isn't a shallow thing to find attractive in men, but it's something that definitely needs to be addressed. A man's smile will steal your heart, and if they have gorgeous piercing eyes to go with them then there's no hope for you. But I think losing yourself to a sexy smile wouldn't be the worst thing to happen.

6. Nice Hands

More men should get manicures. You can have strong worn hands, but still have presentable fingernails. Plus, if your guy gets a manicure, that's one more thing you get to do together and you can both enjoy it. Everyone loves soft hands!

7. Facial Hair

Not everyone loves a man with a beard, but they should. A man who takes care of his beard will take care of you. There's something special about a man who spends hours trimming, conditioning, and waxing his facial hair. Something to be admired. They may still be cavemen, but now they're sexy cavemen.

8. Tattoos

Where do I even start? Tattoos are the epitome of sexiness and they're also beautiful. Intimidating and exciting all at once, a man with tattoos is a man you want to get to know. There's a tone of mystery to a man with tattoos. Why does he have them and what do they mean to him? Secrets that only the right woman can reveal.

9. Unbuttoned Shirt

This could be slightly unbuttoned or all the way, a loosened tie, or even better yet, no shirt at all. It's like a little sneak peek at what glory awaits beneath the soft billowing fabrics that caress his gentle skin. Don't even try to disagree with me. You know it's wonderful.

10. Hero Hair

If every man was this handsome devil right here, I think we'd be set. But they're not, so we'll have to focus on hero hair. This hairstyle is luxurious and thick and probably smells good too. A guy with nice hair will capture your heart. Especially if he looks like your fantasy, and we all know they have the best hair.

11. Deep Voices

Deep voices are velvety chocolate with a smooth fire whiskey finish for the years. The deeper the voice, the bigger the rumble. Would you put your trust in a man with a rich, deep voice or someone who sounds like they breathed in some helium? Even if their voice isn't that high, deep voices are sexier and a better surprise when they start talking.

12. Man Butts

Good man butts are a rarity, but when they're good, they. Are. Good. There isn't a real reason why women like butts. We just do. Even if you don't admit it, there has been at least one incident in your life where you have seen a man butt and you have been inexplicably attracted to it.

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Source: diply

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