12 Stunning Business Cards from Famous People or Companies


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A tricky thing only tricky person can do. That’s they are called businessmen. Some of them have tricked the world into turning into a new one altogether. Like the song, a brave new world indeed came into being. Because of these brave men and women.

Here are a few brave business cards of these market soldiers who went on to become kings and are ruling it, turning it on their fingertips, quite literally.

1. Bill Gates: Microsoft

Designation: Founder & CEO
Founded in:  April 4, 1975
Other companies: Bill & Melinda Foundation, Corbis Corporation, Cascade Investment, Microsoft Research, bgC3, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

2. Steve Jobs: Apple

Designation: Founder & CEO
Founded in: April 1, 1976
Other companies: Acquired Pixar and Next

3. Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook

Designation: Founder, CEO & Programmer
Founded in: February 4, 2004
Other companies: Acquired Whatsapp, and many other startups

4. Walt Disney: Disney Studios

Designation: Founder and Cartoonist
Founded in: October 16, 1923
Other companies: Walt Disney Company, Disney World, Laugh-o-gram Studios and many more

5. Larry Page: Google

Designation: Co-founder
Founded in: September 4, 1998
Other companies: Alphabet, Inc.

6. Steve Martin: Actor

Designation: Producer And Actor
Founded in: Became an actor in 1969
Other companies: None

7. Wright brothers: Wright Cycle Company

Designation: Founders and Scientists
Founded in: 1886
Other companies: Myriad projects

8. Chuck Jones: For Warner Bros.

Designation: Animator
Founded in: 1933
Other companies: None

9. Jerry Young: Yahoo

Designation: Co-founder
Founded in: March 2, 1995
Other companies: None

10. Evan Williams: Twitter

Designation: Founder & CEO
Founded in: March 21, 2006
Other companies: Blogger

11. Steve Wozniak: Apple

Designation: Co-founder
Founded in: April 1, 1976
Other companies:  Homebrew Computer Club, Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, CL 9

12. Michael Dell: Dell Computers

Designation: Founder
Founded in: February 1, 1984
Other companies: Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, MSD Capital LP, Dell Software

Did any of these serve as inspiration?

Let us know in the comment section.

All Image Source: viralsection
Source: viralsection

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