10 awesome reasons why every girl should have a guy best friend

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If you happen to have that one guy friend who has been with you through your thick and thin, I am sure you will be able to relate to these points.

1. The truth teller: Expect a brutally honest answer from your male best friend to your ‘How am I looking?’ questions.

2. Practical solution provider: A guy’s thought won’t get clouded by your ‘crying’, so look forward to suggestions that are actually working.

3. No hang ups: Your male friend won’t give you lame reasons like ‘I didn't take a bath yet’ when you want to catch up over a cup of coffee.

4. No grudges: All it takes is a phone call or a ‘Leave it buddy, Chill’ from your guy friend to forget a fight you had a while back.

5. Insider’s guide to men: Looking for someone to decode a message from your crush/boyfriend? Your guy friend is your go-to person.

6. The protector: Somehow your parents are more than relieved to know that you are with your guy BFF – wherever you are, at whatever time.

7. One-stop knowledge shop: Your guy friend is your moving encyclopedia on gadgets, politics, books, alcohol, music, movies, sports,

8. Keep you grounded: Whenever you fly high and think how amazing you are, all you need to hear from your guy friend is ‘We are on the ground’ to keep your modesty in check.

9. Not the judgmental kinds: You can share anything with your guy friend under the sun without fearing him to think ‘What kind of girl?’ about you.

10. They’re always there for you: They’ll come running to you whenever you are in need and won’t ever make excuses like ‘It is already too late’.

Do share if your guy best friend has some more qualities.

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