1 Natural Ingredient to Remove Upper Lip Hair


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The phenomenon of unwanted hair growth in females is caused due to many factors that may be hormonal or genetic, or even a combination of the two. Following are some of the home remedies that can help you remove your upper lip hair naturally.

Take a look below over the 4 ways with natural ingredients to get rid of upper-lip hairs

Turmeric And Milk:

The combination of these two can help in removing upper lip hair naturally.

  1. 1 tablespoon of Turmeric.
  2. 1 tablespoon of Milk.
  3. Mix them in a bowl.
  4. Apply the mixture to your upper lip using your fingers.
  5. Wait till it dries, after which you can rub it off your skin.
  6. Wash off with cold water.


Egg Whites:

Egg whites are another good remedy for upper lip hair. It soothes your skin and ensures great results.

  1. 1 egg white.
  2. Mix it with cornflour and sugar.
  3. Whisk the mix until it forms a sticky paste.
  4. Now apply the paste on the upper lip region.
  5. Let it dry for around 30 minutes.
  6. Now peel it off.


Gram Flour and Turmeric:

This paste helps to remove upper lip hair effectively.

  1. 1 teaspoonful of gram flour.
  2. Mix 1 pinch of turmeric and some milk in it.
  3. Whisk the mix until it forms a sticky paste.
  4. Make a paste of this and apply to the upper lip region.
  5. Let this paste get completely dry.
  6. Wash this by scrubbing a bit.



Sugar removes unwanted hair, but prevents its growth as well.

  1. Take sugar in a pan.
  2. Heat it for a minute.
  3. Add some fresh lemon juice.
  4. Stir the mixture till it forms a thick liquid.
  5. When it has cooled down, apply to the upper lip region.
  6. Take a piece of cloth and gently put it over the applied paste.
  7. Rub in circular motions.
  8. Pull it off quickly against the direction of the hair growth.

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Source: curejoy

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