Why Airplane Windows Have that Little Hole in the Bottom?

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Anyone who has ever tripped on an airplane has to have looked out of the window at the magnificent view outside.  And while looking out, it is almost impossible for one to miss the small ‘hole’ closest to the bottom of the window.


For the paranoid flyers, I am judging the little hole might be scary, creating a sensation of insecurity about whether the window’s going to break any second.  Well, they couldn’t be further from the true statement.

The hole is there to maintain air pressure.  And the hole, in fact, prevents the window from breaking.

The average airplane window has three panes: the outer and the middle panes are structural, keeping the difference in pressure in mind while the inner pane is present as a fail safe. The hole is located in the middle pane.

The pressure at 35,000 feet is approximately 1.5 kg per inch.

That is too low for the human body to remain conscious, therefore a cabin pressure of around 3.5 kg per inch is maintained.


The little hole helps equilibrate the pressure between the cabin and the air between the outer and middle pane.

It’s required for the outer pane to bear a maximum quantity of pressure in case the fail safe pane is required in an emergency.


Yeah, there you go.  That’s a load off your brain!

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