Two Lions Walk Up To An Injured Fox. What They Do Next Has Animal Experts SHOCKED.

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The conviction of a mother is one of the most powerful things on Earth. Mothers of all species have the will to protect their children at all costs without a split second of hesitation. Usually, however, mothers are only that way with their own children and hardly expected to be protective over a baby of a different species. With that being said, this story may shock you.

Injured Fox2

A lioness was approaching a baby fox that was injured and noticed that another lion was moving in on the fox as well.

Knowing that the little animal was about to become a snack, she ran to the fox’s side in efforts to protect him from his predator.

Injured Fox3

Once the lion got closer, the lioness placed herself and her cubs between the fox and the lion.

Injured Fox4

The lion was obviously agitated and began to eye the lion cubs instead of the fox. Outraged, the lioness lets out several angry roars as a warning to the lion. He stood his ground for a few moments but eventually decided to hunt elsewhere.

Injured Fox5

The baby fox’s defender was the head lioness of the Sunday Pan Pride of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana. This mother clearly has a heart for those left alone and has moved viewers everywhere with her act of love and bravery.

Injured Fox6

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