Take This Out Of Your Kitchen To Treat Hair Loss?

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Did you know that onion is great for preventing hair loss? This nutritional benefit of onion is relatively unknown to most people. Recent studies on natural remedies for hair loss have proven that onions are great in curing hair loss and stimulating new hair growth. Regular consumption of onion is helpful in treating several types of hair problems such as dandruff, yeast, and fungal infections. Use of onions is also a great way to prevent hair loss. It helps in thickening of hair and prevents premature graying.

Benefits of Onion for Hair Loss

1. Onions are great for preventing hair loss. Raw onion should be applied directly on the scalp to foster new hair growth. The juice of onion is excellent to stimulate blood circulation and expedite hair growth.
2. Onion helps prevent premature graying of hair. You can either eat it orally or apply onion extract on the scalp.
3. Onion, with its rich sulfur content, is an excellent tonic for hair thinning. Regular application of onion helps thicken hair by improving its volume.
4. Onion is a natural cure to treat hereditary hair loss and premature hair graying.
5. Several researches conducted on hair fall have established that onions contain great healing properties. These are effective in treating conditions such as androgenic alopecia or female pattern baldness.

6. The antibacterial properties of onion aid in treating several scalp and hair infections caused by fungi and yeast.

How to prepare onion juice at home

Preparing onion juice at home is easy and simple. There are three different ways you can try making onion juice for hair loss therapy.

1. Food processor or blender:

When using a blender or food processor, peel off the onions and cut them into four sections. Blend them evenly in the blender. Filter the blended onion for extracting juice.

2. Juicer:

Using a juicer is the easiest way for preparing onion juice at home. The method is almost the same as using the blender.

3. Grater:

Grater can also be used for preparing onion juice. Cut the onion into two halves. Grate both these halves over a plate. When done, strain out the juice from the grated onion.

How to use onion for hair loss

1. Onion juice:

Onion juice is the easiest recipe you can try at home. Drinking raw onion juice could be a little difficult. Therefore, you should apply this directly on the scalp. Leave the onion extracts for thirty minutes and rinse off with a mild shampoo.

2. Onion honey mixture:

The onion, honey mixture is the best way you can have raw onion orally. You need to take 1/4th cup raw onion juice and add a tablespoon of honey to it. You can either intake the juice directly, or can apply the mixture to the scalp as well.

3. Onion-rum concoction:

Some people do not like the dominating smell of onion. This can be an ideal preparation for them. To make the onion - rum concoction, you need to finely chop an onion and soak it overnight in rum. Strain the rum, next morning and rinse your hair with this liquid.

4. Oral consumption of onion:

Oral consumption of onion can be equally benefited for the hair. Onions are excellent taste enhancers and can make any food taste nice and rich. Hence, if you cannot stand its overpowering smell, you can try adding onions in your regular recipes. This will offer you the same benefit as applying raw onion on the scalp.

While there may be many methods you’ve tried out for that hair loss problem you’re facing, taking a few onions out of your kitchen and using them may just do the trick. Do let us know if this onion therapy for hair loss helped you at all.

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