She Mixes Just Two Ingredients, But Ends Up With This?! I'm Totally Trying!

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I'm the kind of person who notices every little thing on my face. Now, I may not act on everything little thing that "pops" up, so-to-speak, but I definitely notice! A stray eyebrow hair? Yeah, I see you there. A little pimple: how could I miss it? But none of these things compare to the feeling of finding a little patch of nasty blackheads popping up. I get them around my chin and nose. And, honestly, I really don't know how to effectively deal with them at home. So, I end up popping them. Anyone who has ever done this knows that nine times out of ten, popped blackhead will turn into something way worse! I got sick of the whole process. Get rid of a blackhead to get a pimple instead? No thanks.

So that's why I got really excited to see a natural remedy I could try at home. If you're anything like me, you'll definitely want to check this out, too. When you try it, make sure to snap a pic and upload it in the comments so everyone can see how awesome this blackhead mask is in action!

Here is how you transform your face for the better--naturally!

1. Get the ingredients: milk and gelatin. 

Since you'll be putting these things directly on your face, I highly recommend choosing high-quality options here. Also, make sure the gelatin is unflavored.

2. Measure, then mix. 

Put the gelatin (1 Tablespoon) in a container first, then add the milk (1-2 Tablespoons). Mix.

3. Rinse your face while microwaving the mix for 15 seconds.

The heat makes this mix so soft. You'll want to put it on straight away to ensure the desired smoothness.

4. Apply the warm mixture to your face. 

You can spread this mix all over or do some spot treatments — your choice. Just remember to use it quickly!
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