If You See Someone With A Black Dot On Their Palm, This Is What You NEED To Know

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You may have noticed people wearing black dots on their palms all over the internet. In fact, thousands of people have heard about, responded and participated in what has been called the "black dot campaign". As it turns out, this is a dangerous hoax that was probably started by a well-meaning but untrained internet user, and it got a lot of attention. Now it's time to put it to rest by giving you the scoop on what it is and why it should not be used.

It First Went Viral...

The black dot campaign originally started as a means of alerting other people to domestic violence so that help can be arranged safely.

It Sounded Like A Good Idea At First

People in abusive and violent relationships are often watched by their abuser. In many cases, the partner's every move is monitored carefully, so a discreet way of saying "I need help" would be, well, helpful.
via news.at Jamie Grill / Getty Images

Here's How It Works

The abused individual is supposed to put a black dot on their palm so that another person (hopefully a healthcare professional) will know that the person needs help and that their abuser is watching.
via Cora News

As It Turns Out, This Is A Terrible Idea

Abusers have the internet too. When this became more common, it also became useless.

People Continue To Use The Black Dot...

...not knowing the dangers associated with the campaign. People continue to share and support the hoax, unaware of the position professionals take on it.
via KGW

From The Horse's Mouth

Project Sanctuary does not endorse the campaign for the following reasons:
via Twitter / @p_sanctuary

Professionals Suggest...

Contacting an abuse hotline or having a friend/family member contact help for you.

Hold On, You're Strong And You Can Do This

Domestic violence affects families in a big, lasting way. Making connections with people who have survived domestic violence is part of growing strong in the face of abuse.
via The Motherish iStock
Main and collage images via 1. Cora News 2. KGW
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