Dog Kicked By Driver Returns With Friends And Gets Revenge

Dog Kicked By Driver Returns With Friends And Gets Revenge

It's not every day we get to see karma's effects as clearly as this. 

In China, a driver pulled up to his favorite parking spot only to find a sleeping dog. Now, we all know we should let sleeping dogs lie, right? 

This is a great reason why:

The driver was perturbed with the dog's presence. He really wanted that parking spot. He got out of his car and, instead of gently shooing away the animal, he proceeded to kick it. For the driver, the case was closed. 

The sleeping dog was on his way, so he fixed that with a swift kick. 

His car was parked; he was on his way.
The dog rightfully saw matters much difference. 

In a country with no animal cruelty or animal welfare laws, what is a kicked dog to do?

What happened next can only be proved with photo evidence; I'm not sure anyone would believe it otherwise.

The dog didn't scamper off to lick his wounds. Instead, he rounded up his best friends and set out for revenge.

via XJZ / Quirky China News / REX / Daily Mail 

Bite by bite.

via XJZ / Quirky China News / REX / Daily Mail
Just look at that dog's focus and determination to destroy the car.

Dent by dent.

via XJZ / Quirky China News / REX / Daily Mail

These photos were taken by a neighbor. The neighbor didn't intervene, but did pass the photos along with the driver who kicked the dog. 

His reaction must have been absolutely priceless. I mean, who would have ever guessed the dog would come back with his pack and begin trashing the car--windshield wipers included? Hopefully the driver will think twice before assaulting an innocent animal again.
Most people never consider the idea that animals will strike back. These photos show the very real possibility of just that.
via XJZ / Quirky China News / REX / Daily Mail 

While it's certainly satisfying to see animals taking matters into their own hands, they still need us to stand up for them.
If you see any animal being assaulted, abused or neglected, please speak up and contact your local authorities on the matter or report the issue through the American Humane Association or Humane Society International.
Main/Collage Image Source: XJZ / Quirky China News / REX / Daily Mail 
H/T: Daily Mail
Source: diply

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