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Hello friends..!! Let’s get aware with some simple and beautiful home made newspaper stuffs which you can even make for your school projects.

1. How about making any accessory with newspaper?? Roll the newspaper in different sizes and place them form descending order and here your neck less is ready.

2. Make the religious sign again with the help of newspaper rolls. First give the outline with the help of any cardboard and then fill them will the help of rolls made up of newspaper. Hang it with the help of some colorful thread.

3. Can you believe, you can even make a hand bag from the newspaper. It looks so cool and creative. Make rolls from newspaper stick of even size and with the help of glue stick them same as the texture of the bag. Sew each roll from every side with the other attached roll. Also make the medium to hold it.

4. Make two sticks from newspaper, Irregular in size and taking one point in the middle place them alternately from that point. Place a round plate of cardboard at that point and place the hour and minute hand of clock along with the second hand on it. Here your clock is ready.

5. With the zig zag placing of the newspaper sticks make your fruit bucket.

6. Decorate your vase with the help of roses that never dry. Make the roses with the newspaper and place any wooden stick to give it the support.

7. Fold any paper and color it in two shades. After you have finished coloring roll them and stick its end with the help of glue and with the help of any chain tie it up and here your cute colorful pendent is ready.

8. The best thing one can try from newspaper is making various different types of dresses.

9. Attaching the rolls one can even try to make the hand bracelet.

10. Fed up of newspaper rolls?? Make a cone of different colors and attach them with any chain and here is your colorful neck less ready.

Hope you liked it.

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