Do You Bite Your Nails Often? It Means You’re A Perfectionist

Do You Bite Your Nails Often? It Means You’re A Perfectionist

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Do you  bite your nails often?

Do you get scolded for that because it is a bad habit?

Are you someone who still cannot stop yourself from not doing it?

If you answered yes to all these questions, don’t worry. You might just be a perfectionist!

Yes, researchers say that nail biting is actually a sign of perfection. A studyconducted by the University of Montreal professor Kieron O’Connor examined the behavior of 48 individuals, half of whom suffered with repetitive behavior such as nail-biting, skin-picking and hair-pulling. The participants took part in stressful, relaxing, frustrating, and boring tests and it was found that those with a history of repetitive behaviors had a greater urge to engage in these habits during the boredom and frustration sections.

The study says that this proves that these behaviors aren’t associated with nerves, and are actually linked with perfectionist beliefs. So if you are biting your nails or pulling your hair, you are just bored.

Professor Connor said, “We believe that individuals with these repetitive behaviors may be perfectionists, meaning that they are unable to relax and to perform tasks at a ‘normal’ pace. They are therefore prone to frustration, impatience, and dissatisfaction when they do not reach their goals. Although these behaviors can induce important distress, they also seem to satisfy an urge and deliver some form of reward.”

You know what to say the next time someone stops you from biting your nails. Don’t you?

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