Awesome Space-Saving Ideas For Even The Smallest Homes

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If you live in a large city, especially downtown, you can expect to be lacking something very valuable: space. The larger and more famous the city, the more rare and, thus, more expensive the space. The best way to deal with this problem is to make everything as multi-functional as possible; the more you can do with one item, the more items you can eliminate from your space. Here are a few ways you can maximize every nook and cranny in your home. Do a few of these and watch your place opens right up. 

1. Pans That Hang Together, Stay Together 

This sliding pan rack kicks ass and takes names all up in this house. All those noise makers have a home where they stay organized, but don't make a stacked mess of large cookware.

via Hometalk

2. Drying In Style

A drying rack can take up some pretty prized real estate on your counter top. Suspending it above the sink saves space and allows the water to drip right back down where it came from.

3. First You See Them... Then You Don't

Few solutions are this awesome and attractive at the same time. Six pieces of furniture in one!

4. Stairway To Narnia

If you love books, a staircase like this one could change your whole space. The amount of literary storage in here is pretty inspiring!

5. Storage That Wont Hide That Killer Exposed Brick Wall You Scored

When you have a beautiful, architectural feature like an exposed brick wall, you don't want to cover it up with some bulky shelving. This is a simple and cheap solution.
via Dor Nob

6. Pssst... That Half-Bath Doesn't Need Much

You can add a great deal of value to your house by putting in  a new bathroom. When selling, an additional bathroom can be an investment with a great return, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice other valuable space (like closet space) to make it happen. That void under the stairs is a perfect place for your upgrade.
via Lighthom

7. Woof!

Dog stuff can be pretty unsightly. Pack it all into a neat, little set up like this and be the most fashionable dog owner on your street.

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