Awesome Space-Saving Ideas For Even The Smallest Homes

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8. No More Half-Naked Reaching For Toilet Paper

Everything you need, right at your elbows. Why would you ever have to leave such a wonderful place?

10. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

If you're a minimalist, you probably hate all those shampoo bottles that clutter your tub. A tub like this can store every brand you love without looking like the hair aisle of a drug store.
via Lushome

11. No Monsters Here

The MASSIVE amount of space under your bed can (and should) be as functional as possible. Shoving things under a conventional bed usually means you'll never see it again. This kind of bed is a fantastic solution to this age-old problem.

12. Magnets Are A Pin's Best Friend

The best way to keep bobby pins from scattering is with a magnet. These end up everywhere but at least they have a home now.

13. Get This And Eliminate A Whole Table

A side table is necessary for all sorts of reasons. This takes care of most of those and takes up no space.

via Etsy / LipLap

14. Jewelry Needs To Be Contained Or It Will Be Everywhere 

This is the greatest, cheapest way to store your gems. You can make this yourself, it's cheap and solves that tangling problem for good.

via Dykast

15. You Could Put Your Kicks Up Here

This is probably the most artistic way to show off your favorite shoes. Give those kicks a presence with an easy-peasy shoe rack like this one.

Main Image via Dor Nob
Collage Images 1. Etsy / LipLap 2. Apartment Therapy 3. Dor Nob
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