5 Ayurvedic Herbs To Purify Blood

5 Ayurvedic Herbs To Purify Blood

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According to Ayurveda, having pure blood is a sign of good health. Impure blood can cause many diseases. Exposure to the wind and unstable emotions are some of the causes that can cause impure blood. Horse-gram, black-gram, curd, vinegar, fermented or sour drinks, spoilt or stale food, heavy and fatty foods are also capable of turning blood impure.
 Purgation, fasting or bloodletting is the method to restore the purity of blood according to Ayurveda.
The pureness of the blood can be determined from its color. All the three doshas influence the blood color. The influence of Vata turns blood more reddish, thin, frothy and non-slimy. Pitta makes it dark red with delayed clotting characteristic while Kapha turns the blood pale and viscous.

5 Ayurvedic Herbs That Purify Blood

Neem: It has antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiviral properties that are vital for blood cleansing. Neem can also help fight blood clots and can be used to treat skin ailments, ulcers, arthritis, and gum diseases.
Amla: It helps in the assimilation of iron, improves the quality of blood and wipes out toxins from the body. Amla also fights heart disease as it nourishes the blood and improves blood circulation.
Guduchi: This herb is a detoxifying agent that purifies the blood. It is beneficial for those who smoke and drink alcohol as it helps purify the toxins which build-up in the blood.

Dhatura ki jad (Burdock Root): This root cleanses the blood by flushing out acids that harm the body. It also helps the kidneys purify the blood and helps balance the hormones by releasing a protein from the pituitary gland.
Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia): This is one of the most preferred herbs for detoxification. It cleanses the blood and improves blood circulation while giving an added glow to your skin. It also helps in healing arthritis, cure blood disorders, and repair damaged skin tissues. It can also be used as an immune regulator.
Source: CureJoy

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