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Obesity has become a global pandemic as more and more people are becoming overweight. Our lifestyles have made it difficult to lose weight. But with simple tweaks and changes in your diet, you can slim yourself, lose weight and keep it off. These Superfoods have a variety of benefits and reduce your caloric intake. Packed with nutrients, they can help you fend off those extra kilograms, love handles and weight!
1. Asparagus: With just 27 calories in a cup, asparagus not just offers low calories, it even fills you up.
If you eat non-vegetarian food on a regular basis, have asparagus by the side or in your salads. You will love how it complements the food.

2. Cauliflower: grams of cauliflower (edible portion) make up to 30 calories, which is not very high and of course, it fills you up, which makes it an ideal option for dinners and lunches.
Cauliflower is rich in nutrients as well as flavors. 100

3. Broccoli:
A close cousin of cauliflower, it’s available widely and a single cup of 31 calories has tons of nutrients. The Superfood is a vegetable that you can cook, consume after boiling or add to your salads.

4. Brussel Sprouts:
Sprouts are yummy and they are extremely filling. So, if you are interested in weight, consume them on a regular basis. It’s just 38 calories in a cup with tons of fiber and other nutrients.

5. Lettuce:
This green leafy vegetable adds so many nutrients to your daily servings. And they are such a rich-filling in the body. A single cup of lettuce has just 5 calories. Lettuce can be used in salads or eaten raw as a snack.

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