Have You Been Brushing Wrong All Along? 10 Tooth Brushing Tips To Get You Back To Basics

Have You Been Brushing Wrong All Along? 10 Tooth Brushing Tips To Get You Back To Basics - Page 2

6. Switch it up.

When you get into too much of a routine with your brushing, you’ll get bored easily and might rush to get through it or miss some areas of your mouth entirely. Starting your brushing in a new place can help you stay mindful of what you’re doing.
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7. After acid, let your teeth mellow.

We all know to avoid sweets as much as possible and how bad sugar is for our teeth, but acid is a real problem too. Energy drinks, sour candies, and diet sodas—and even fruit juices as well—contain acids that can soften tooth enamel. Waiting half an hour after consuming one of those acidic treats are allowed your tooth to restore some enamel. Brushing a softened tooth will wear away enamel that much faster.
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8. Clean it up.

You don’t need to disinfect your toothbrush—a simple rinse will do to get rid of any remaining germs and remnants of toothpaste that can harden the bristles. Don’t stuff it away in a case where it can stay damp; let it air dry.
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9. Stand it up.

The bathroom isn’t the greatest place to store a toothbrush in terms of sanitation. When you’re not using it, you want the head to be off the counter, where it could come into contact with germs from the toilet and sink. Let the brush breathe as it dries, and if you have more than one brush in the holder, don’t let the heads touch.
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10. Freshen it up.

A newer brush is an efficient brush. The ADA recommends you replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, but if the bristles are starting to come apart and fray and lose their flexibility, the brush isn’t going to do a very good job of cleaning your teeth.
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