Can You Take Curd At Night?

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Sour curd should not be consumed by making it hotter (ushna).  The curds should not be consumed during night (Nishi), It should also not be consumed during spring and summer seasons.
However, sour curds mixed with soup of green gram, honey, ghee, sugar and amla is helpful in relieving Dysurea (difficulty in urination) and indigestion.
Solution: Try to avoid consuming curd at night. Because, night is basically a Kapha predominant period. Thus, consuming curd at night is best avoided according to Ayurveda.

If at all you are accustomed to take curd at night, I know that old habits die-hard. So, mix a small pinch of pepper powder to curds and consume. (Do not add too much. It may cause burning sensation). You may also try adding fenugreek powder if you can tolerate a slight tinge of bitterness. (But this superb combination will relieve all kinds of stomach pain generated due to indigestion).
Mixing sugar and drinking curd at night is a strict no-no.  Buttermilk is best substitute to curds at night. Buttermilk clears the channel and chucks mucus secretion.

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