4 Commonly Held Myths That Need The Kick

4 Commonly Held Myths That Need The Kick

Eating Carrots Improves Vision: Vitamin A is essential for the eye to function, especially the retina and the light sensitive part of it. Reduced vision or difficulty seeing at night are signs of Vitamin A deficiency. In most countries the diet plan is such that it prevents a deficiency of vital vitamins, but in case it does occur, it's a good idea to quit smoking and include Vitamin A rich foods like spinach, kale and sweet potato.

Starve a Fever & Feed a Cold: If you’re sick in general, then its best you feed yourself with good nutrition to fight the illness. What starve might have meant is live off chicken soup, but it actually should be; include chicken soup as it works well for relief.

Guessing Baby’s Gender by External Appearance: The belief is that if the mother is carrying too up front, then it's a boy, if its around the whole abdomen it’s a girl and if there is severe morning sickness then its most likely twins. The appearance of a pregnant woman’s abdomen depends on her previous deliveries and the position of the fetus.

Toilet Seats Cause STDs: A myth of the paranoid, this doesn’t stand true as several studies prove that bacteria doesn’t survive for more than a few minutes on toilet seats and there is no evidence that a public washroom could cause a transmission. Simply washing or wiping the seat can help counter your mental block against toilet seats and STDs.
Read more here – Should You Really Feed A Cold and Starve A Fever? U of T’s Doctors Check In On Some Commonly Held Beliefs

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